0:00:00 Elysium Audio Labs – Rise
0:02:15 Atom Music Audio – Ancestors
0:05:16 InfiniteScore – He Fought As Legend
0:07:52 Revolt Production Music – Forcefield
0:10:26 Victor Emanuel – Equilibrium
0:12:16 Revolt Production Music – Final Contact
0:15:14 Missing in Action – Destiny Awakens
0:17:33 Mitchell Broom – The Uprising
0:22:39 Atom Music Audio – Asura
0:25:42 Victor Emanuel – Enter the Sun
0:28:25 Pure Composition – Strength and Honour
0:30:20 Atom Music Audio – God Screamer
0:33:33 End Of Silence – Impherior
0:36:07 Missing in Action – Last Alliance
0:39:21 Dylan C. Jones – Osiris
0:45:45 Philipp Beesen – Lost Souls
0:49:49 Atom Music Audio – Dark Star
0:52:26 Sebastien NovA – Bravery
0:54:34 Revolt Production Music – Dark Measures
0:57:14 Atom Music Audio – Seeking The Truth
0:59:49 Phoenix Music – I Wanna Go!
1:03:00 Revolt Production Music – Red Justice
1:05:24 Atom Music Audio – War Gods
1:08:49 InfiniteScore – Revelation
1:11:04 Atom Music Audio – Superhuman
1:13:52 Revolt Production Music – Levitate
1:16:16 Emad Yaghoubi – Impact
1:18:25 Missing in Action – Red Planet
1:20:54 Ivan Dominik – Rise Of The Fallen
1:23:06 InfiniteScore – For Valhalla
1:26:05 Missing in Action – Resurrection
1:29:07 Atom Music Audio – Stand Your Ground
1:31:17 Atom Music Audio – Visitors From The Stars
1:33:50 Ingo Wegener – Call Of Maximo
1:35:38 Zicheng Huang – Unknown Error
1:37:47 Petteri Sainio – Above All
1:40:04 Sebastien NovA – Red Alert
1:41:47 Petteri Sainio – We Overcome
1:44:08 Alan Al – Epic Films
1:46:08 Mitchell Broom – Third Lifestream
1:48:35 Jackdaw Factory – Retribution
1:51:40 Missing in Action – Forsaken Justice
1:54:34 Jackdaw Factory – Beacon
1:57:21 Armin Gutjahr – Discovery

Elysium Audio Labs:
Atom Music Audio:
Revolt Production Music:…
Victor Emanuel:…
Philipp Beesen:
Missing in Action:…
Mitchell Broom:…
Pure Composition:
End Of Silence:
Dylan C. Jones:
Sebastien NovA:
Phoenix Music:…
Emad Yaghoubi:
Ivan Dominik:…
Ingo Wegener:
Zicheng Huang:
Petteri Sainio:…
Alan Al:
Jackdaw Factory:…
Armin Gutjahr:…

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